Tuesday, August 16, 2011

IHOP & a 3D event.

Saturday Landon and I had a little day date.

We started with a yummy breakfast at IHOP.

The last time I went to IHOP, 
a bird crapped on my leg on the way inside.
Not a good start.

I'm happy to report this time was much better.

Luff Him!

Thennn we went to the movies.

He told me the movie was 100% my choice.
And I wanted to see The Help since I really liked the book.

Um, we saw this.

It was gross.

But the glasses were pure perfection for my man.

Look how sweet.

Oh hey.

Heyyy girl.
Bahaha, he's hilarious.

Day Dates=Go.
Final Destination 5=NO!

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