Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Day.

Today was an unexpectedly good day.
Nothing spectacular, just good little day.

-No babysitting.--aka lifetime movie marathon day

-Before the lifetime movies started, I watched a show I recorded last night, namely

     Umm.. I.think.I'm.addicted.

-I took a teensy couch break (shocking!) and went out to run an errand, and guess what I saw being built right down the street.

Heaven. (AND did i mention we are finally getting Hobby Lobby in September?? We officially picked the perfect part of Pittsburgh to move to.)

-This came in the mail today FINALLY.

Can't wait to make some sweet treats.

-So I always check the sale section at Anthro online, and I have been stalking this for quite a while.

Today it went on sale for $9.95!
Had to have it.

-Now I am off to end this great day by trying out a new recipe and settling (back) on the couch for PLL!

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