Sunday, July 17, 2011

Take Two.

Landon's parents came to visit us again this past week!

They got here on the Fourth,
so we did a little cookout on our teensy grill.
Steaks were still delicious!

Oh and Landon's momma brought her puppy to Pittsburgh,
so they all played inside during the cookout.

We had kind of talked about maybe going downtown
to see fireworks,
but everyone was tired so we stayed in and watched movies.
But, during our movie,
we started seeing fireworks out the window!

We ended up seeing about 5 different shows,
all from the balcony for about an hour!

Love Fireworks.

While L's parents were in town,
they wanted to see Niagara Falls.
So, Wednesday night,
we loaded up the car, 
complete with 3 puppies,
because apparently our dogs are world travelers now,
and headed to see the falls!

We made a pit stop...

And then finally arrived in Canada!

we were complete tourists again,
I took way too many pictures,
we rode the Maid of the Mist for the second time,
and My Man turned 25!!

We had lunch at Edgewaters Grill,

 And this was our view.

Landon got some yum soup,
and told me to take a picture.
It was PRETTY good,
but it's hilarious how he always wants me to take 
pictures of everything now.

The afternoon was filled with the casino,
of course,
and then we went to eat for Landon's birthday dinner.

The food SO good,
and I am so happy Landon was able to celebrate 
his birthday with me
his parents.
So happy you were born, Landon!

We finished off the night with one last trip to the casino,
then headed home the next day.

It was another great trip to NF,
and I am so blessed we were able to go twice!

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