Tuesday, July 12, 2011


--I am going to just go ahead and say
you are about to see about 129387 pictures,
most of which are not edited in any way.
I'm sorry.
There were just too many,
and I have been dreading making this post for days
because of all of the pictures that needed editing.
So I just didn't do it.
I feel much better now.:))

Since moving to PA,
Landon and I have reallyyy been wanting to go to New York.
We are so so close now and neither of us had been,
so I was constantly bringing it up that we should go.

We had kind of talked about going the week
leading up to the fourth.
Nothing serious,
just day dreaming.

Thursday morning we made plans to just do it.
So I did the only logical thing one does before going to NY.
I packed and watched Sex and the City to
get my self in the New York spirit all morning.
And then we left Thursday night.

I've never made such a last minute trip before.

We went with some friends,
these guys got to come with us too.

We got in late Thursday,
so we slept in on Friday and then headed to the city.

The Statue of Liberty was first.

We didn't go inside,
because tickets were sold out until October,
but we still got to see her!

Next we hopped on the subway,
and headed to the Empire State building.

It was UHH-mazing.
Such a fabulous view.
And we were 86 stories up!

Then it was on to Times Square!

Cute Landon.
This was his favorite guy.

By this time we were starving,
so we found a restaurant off Times Square for a quick bite.
I have absolutely no idea what the restaurant was called,
but it was SO good.

After dinner we headed to Rockefeller Center
and 5th Avenue.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

We walked to Central Park after,
but it was too dark to really see it,
so we decided to head back for the night.
Long Day.

We started off Saturday
with Wall Street and
the 9/11 Memorial Site.


 This guy was handing out free Sobe's,
so Landon obviously got him one.
If you know my husband,
he's kind of into fist pumps and hand shakes and what not,
with other guys.
It's weird.
So he did his thing with the Sobe guy,
who noticed his Aggie ring.
Turns out he was from TX too,
and had just moved to NY.
I love seeing other TX people when I am out of town!

 I love the flag here.
I am most definitely proud to be an American,
and those feelings were only intensified in the presence of
these buildings and with
the Fourth right around the corner.

we went back to Central Park.

But before we went in,
the man had a mission.
While all I wanted to do in NY was go to Central Park,
all he wanted to do
was eat a hot dog off the street.
I did not partake in this.
No way.
Not about to eat some weird meat
off the street.


my turn.

I love love love Central Park.
If I lived in NY,
I would take my puppies on a walk there everyday.

That night,
we split up and each went on our own little dinner date.
On the way,
we saw this guy making some pretty
amazing pictures,
using only spray paint.
NY is def the place for some
spectacular street talent.

Landon took me to
Trattoria Dell' Arte for dinner.

We got to eat delicious seafood risotto,
right across the street from Carnegie Hall.
It was perfect.

We did a little shopping on 5th Avenue after,
went to the best Anthro ever,
picked out an early birthday present for
then went to the second place I had been dreaming of
since arriving in the Big Apple.

The New York Public Library.

I can't even tell you how much I love the library.
I didn't get to go inside,
because it was late,
but oh how I wish I could have.

Next trip,
this will be my first stop.

We were pretty much done for the night
after that.
Or my achy feet were at least.

Sunday, we headed home to get
ready for L's parents on Monday.

I feel so blessed that we were able to go on this little vaca.
We were able to see LOTS
considering we were only in the city for 2 days,
but there is so much we didn't do!
I can't wait to go back.
I am already making a list of must-do's for our next trip!
And I must say...

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