Thursday, June 16, 2011


Our Texas trip last weekend was a whirlwind.
No other words to describe it.
And I'm exhausted STILL.
But it was worth it.

And although I lugged my camera around everywhere,
I hardly took any pictures!
Except of food...
So it goes, but it was still a great time.

As soon as we touched down in DFW Thursday morning,
we knew we were home.
How cute is he??

Oh and there was this reminder..
LOVE it.

From Dallas,
we had to fly into Lubbock,
and it just happened to be around lunch time,
so Landon wanted to eat here..

 Fried pickles!

Thursday night was dinner with the family 
at our favorite place.
Finally Mexican food!
We have found one little local Mexican restaurant
here that is decent,
but the one time we went to another for a dinner,
we ate wings.
What the heck??

Cutie little twins.
Kyleigh was cheesing,
but Ryleigh was not havin' it.

The crew.
There are so many of us now!
I love you long time, Abuelo's.

was manicures, pedicures,
lunch at Hickory Street
 Solo shot of mom!:)

my first snocone of the summer

and BBQ for dinner with my parents
and Landon's.

Saturday flew.
We soaked up the sun,

and had a perfect summa lunch of
another snocone and Taco Bueno.
It's funny how sick I was of TB
when I lived in Abilene,
but it was heavenly once it was out of reach
for 6 months.

Saturday night,
we saw old friends at one of my oldest
friend's wedding!
But my pictures aren't the best;
the rooms were really dark!

The Happy Couple!
Congrats Julie & Jerrod!!

I love these pictures.

 Bustin' a move on the dance floor.

 I'm really not sure how I ended up with
so many pictures of the same 6 people??

The wedding was perfect,
the reception was so much fun and
and I was so glad
to catch up with everyone!
There really isn't anything quite like
high school friends.

Sunday morning,
we said our goodbyes.

Bye bye TX.

We had one last hoorah
at the airport Chili's before coming back to PA,
since we never get to eat it here.

We Miss You Texas!!

But we are back where we are meant to be for now...

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