Friday, June 3, 2011

This Week's Obsession.

In less than a week,
I will be back in my home state!

If anyone wants to see me, I will be at 
 the following places:

Abuelos, Hobby Lobby, La Popular,
Fujis, Perinis, Abuelos, Any and Every Snocone Stand in
Abilene, Academy, Dillards, Abuelos,
HEB, Hickory Street, Harold's BBQ,
 Rick and Carolyn's, and Taco Bueno.

Get Excited Texas,
we are coming home!

1 comment:

  1. I grew up in PA, and always miss that there is no Hobby Lobby when I go home to visit. FYI Erie PA (2 1/2 hours North of you) is getting a Hobby Lobby this summer. My SIL just emailed me squealing about it. Just get on 79 and head North :)


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