Monday, June 27, 2011

So I Was Off Today...

And I spent it totally, completely
100% by myself.
It was kinda awesome.

I cooked this yummy breakfast

Then I watched all of my favorite morning shows.
The View keeps me informed of the goings on
in this country,
while Regis and Kelly crack me up for an hour every morning.

I made s'mores.
For lunch.
Candle style.

My second favorite summer treat.
-second only to Margarita snowcones-

I organized my favorite jewelry on the
nightstand/vanity I just painted.

Perfected the coffee cups on
the new hooks.
Gotta save space people.
My coffee cups are overflowing from the cabinets. 

Hung out with these guys ALL day.
Aren't they so mistreated?
All lounging in the sun on my fave chair,
like they own the place.
tho I guess they kinda do...

I even did a little closet cleaning 
and found these.
Brand new, never opened, and still in the box.
Oh happy day.
I guess it pays to clean things out once in a while.

After cleaning out the closet,
I got on a roll and did some laundry.
Well, I washed and folded and sent it away to live
in the guest room.
Homie doesn't wash, fold, AND put away.

And for dinner,
I just got done making 

I've pretty much worn myself out with the
difficult day I've had.
I think I'll go drown the rest of my night in Lifetime movies.
Oh and more S'mores.

Happy Monday y'all.

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