Monday, June 6, 2011

Niagara Falls.

Not too long ago,
when the fam was in town,
we all loaded up and headed to Niagra Falls.

The drive wasn't too bad,
and I finally (kinda) got to go to NY!
Even though we just drove through it...

Four hours after we said goodbye to Pittsburgh,
we entered Canada.

We crossed that border,
went to check in the hotel,
practically flew to the casino.

As if we hadn't just gone a few days before.

No more pictures of inside,
but it was a good night.
Even though I did get pretty annoyed when
I realized that it was 1am and 
the guys were still gambling.

But dad did win $700.
Landon didn't.

Once dad collected his winnings,
we went back to the hotel and crashed.

The next morning,
we got up early to see the falls.
We didn't think we would get to go
because the fog was so thick.

Thankfully it cleared up by 9,
when the Maid of the Mist started running.

We waited in line..

Got our tickets, and we were off.

Someone was excited....

Once the boat filled up,
we headed towards the falls.

This is the American Falls.

It was freezing.
And we got soaking wet.
And a word to the wise,
don't wear glasses.
You can't see a thing if you do!
Love him tho:)

So the next falls are the Canadian I believe,
but the water was coming at us so hard
and fast, 
that it was hard to hear anything on the loudspeaker.

The Canadian falls are in kind of a 
cul-de-sac if you will,
so this is pretty much all I could get a picture of.

Once we were up close,
it was easier to see, 
but I put up my camera since it felt 
like we were standing under a running faucet.

And we definitely drove the boat right up in there!
The boat was rocking,
Landon and I were on the top deck
with a spot right on the railing.
 I was hanging on for dear life!
it was a little embarrassing that the four year 
beside us wasn't even as scared as I was...

Oh well...

The ride was quick,
maybe 15 or 20 minutes,
and as soon as it was over we jetted to Starbucks.
I have never been so happy to see that lady
in my life.

After SB,
we walked on "the strip."
It kind of felt like a Vegas for kids.

And Dad and Landon had too much fun playing this game.
Note the name.
It describes us to a T.

After walking,
we checked out of our hotel,
and went to lunch.

We didn't really know where to eat,
and we kinda just picked 
a restaurant closest to the casino,
but it was really good!

And yes,
since lunch was close the casino,
you know that means we went back!

This time,
my man came back a winner!
I love it when he wins.
Not just because he gets money,
but because he gets HAPPY!

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us!

I am so so happy 
I finally got to go to NF!
I never ever thought I would.
But it's one of the perks of moving to a new place.
It's sad to be so far away from our families,
but at least 
we are living an adventure while we can!

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