Tuesday, June 7, 2011


**We've been taking lots of walks and trips to the pool.
We have quickly learned to take advantage of every warm day here!
No pictures though.
I think I need to invest in a waterproof camera like Jacquelyn's.

**A week or so ago we saw this.

It was wildly inappropriate,
but insanely hilarious at the same time.

**Friday was a sad day.
I had to officially surrender my Texas plates.
I am not fancy enough with my computer skills
to blur my numbers out,
so here is a little sneak peek of the sad sad proof

I think I'm a Pennsylvania resident now..

**Saturday, some friends invited us to a Pirates game.
They aren't especially good,
-Landon and I mainly wanted to go for the food and to see the stadium honestly-
so we thought we could just walk right up and get a ticket right before the game.

Um, we were wrong.
They were playing the Phillies,
and I guess it's a pretty big rivalry??

Needless to say,
the game was sold out.
One of the workers told us they were never expecting a crowd so large.
Of course that would happen the one time we try to go and aren't prepared!

We decided instead to walk over to the casino.
Is anyone surprised??
I don't think anyone has ever read a blog
that uses the word casino as many times as mine.

We had dinner at the restaurant inside Rivers casino.

Then you know Landon had to play just ONE slot before we left.
He doesn't ever play slots.
But he would put in a 20 and win $81.

Maybe it was meant to be that the tickets were sold out!

And we did get to catch a sneak peek of the
games fireworks while at the casino.

**We went on a trip to Starbucks,
that ended with a little treat for the pups.
The drive thru lady caught sight of my little
cuties and asked if she could give them something.
She walked back with a cup of whipped cream
for each of them!
How sweet.
They loved it for sure.

**The man brought these home yesterday.

He never forgets flowers on holidays or special occasions,
but he rarely just buys them, 
because I usually just buy them for myself if I want them.
But it made my day that he did!
Then again, maybe he's up to something...

I am sure I left out something exciting,
but as for now I am off to make a sweet treat for a little
get together tomorrow and finish up my packing for

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  1. Thanks for posting pictures! Some of mine came out blurry. :D


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