Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FallingWater. and Primanti's AGAIN.

yes this is from MY camera!

Tuesday we went to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

I honestly didn't really want to go.

I was just appeasing the mom.

But I kinda liked it.

It was kinda amazing.

This house was built 75 years ago.
In the middle of a dang forest.
Over a waterfall.
Using only manual labor.
Pretty impressive.

dad looks super happy huh?

And I did absolutely no editing of the tree color.
It's seriously that green.
I don't think I've ever seen trees that green.
I mean, do mesquite trees get that green?

Landon had to work, so he didn't get to go.
But I think I just might go again with him if he wanted to.

After Fallingwater,
we went home and waited for the man to get off work.
Then we took my dad and sister to experience 
Primanti Brothers.

I can't believe it took us until Tuesday to make it there!
The sandwiches were great as usual.
And the walk around downtown was too.

I can't believe when we first ate at Primanti's in December,
we discovered an ice skating rink around the corner!
that I never got to freakin' go to.

Now, in it's place is some statue and fountains.
Like those fountains they have in the movies.

I kinda wanted to run through them.
But I guess I'm too old and mature for that now...

I am loving these dinos that are everywhere!

I have no idea where they are from.
They weren't there the last few times we've been.
But someone loved them.
Of course this was his favorite!
This guy downs ketchup like nobody's business.

A yum after-dinner Coldstone treat finished off our awesome day!

And yes there's still a little more to come...

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  1. Thanks for making me happy----I loved Fallingwater and the "green" trees! It was super fun!


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