Friday, May 6, 2011

This Week's Obsession.

Landon and I
went to an open house on Sunday.
Not because we are planning
to buy anything right now,
but we just wanted to get some
ideas of what is out there.

Because I don't know how it is in TX right now,
but there is absolutely
nothing nice to rent here.
Oh wait, yes there is if you 
have a trillion dollars to spend a month.

So anyway,
we figured we should start looking to maybe buy
when our lease is up here.
All of the looking is making me
have constant decorating day dreams.
Oh what I could do,
if only we had a little more space.

I want this striped guest bath.

I have actually been wanting to do this 
tutorial ever since I found JonesDesignCompany,
but could never work up the nerve.

and I think it is my answer.
We are allowed to paint in our apartment,
so I think this pattern

or this

may be fancying our room soon.
Maybe that will help keep my moving 
redecoration obsession under control.

And I reallly want to do this to our bathroom mirrors.
Not gonna happen here,
since we aren't going to live here forever,
plus it's definitely not allowed.

I think if this was my laundry room,

I would actually like to do the laundry.
But, I am
 actually in process of  semi-copy-catting it.
Just you wait.

And mark my words,
I WILL have this pantry someday.

All of that organization gives me
I am for sure ordering her vinyls for my 
sugar jars.

I need to stop now.
I think this is just making it worse.

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