Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texas Comes To Town.

We had a fabulous time with my fam here in PA.

it did start a little shaky with 'pa
going to the hospital the day before he arrived.
Because he got electrocuted.

Scary? or Hilarious?
I think Hilarious.

As soon as they arrived last Saturday,
we ordered pizza, then headed straight to the casino.

Well, my parents and Landon did,
and sister and I headed to the outlet mall across the street.

We didn't find much,
but we did pick up matchy Polo shirts
that made me feel like I was in college again.
And now I can match my 
Polo loving husband.

We called it a night pretty early,
since the Texans had been traveling all day.

Sunday, we took them to Grand Concourse.

and I have no idea what's up with all of our faces
in the pictures?

I love this place.

I stuffed myself with at least a pound of shrimp.
And even tried one of dad's mussels.
Not too bad!

And Landon enjoyed some doughnuts.
And bananas foster.
And some doughnuts dipped in bananas foster.

Check out those doughnuts.

Ahh, heaven.

The incline was next.

The rest of the day
we lounged around and watched tv,
since LB had to work the next day.

we hit up yet another outlet mall.
It was only about an hour away,
and had so so much to choose from minus the clothing sales tax!
That's the best thing ever about PA.

I def didn't need anything,
but still found a couple of cute dresses at Banana Republic.

Perfect for our visit to TX in a few weeks!

Momma also got sister and I
these cutie computer cases.


And don't worry,
Landon got a little treat from Under Armor too,
since he actually had to go to work ha.

After the outlet mall,
Mom made us drive over to see the Amish.
I've done it once before,
but she wanted dad to see.
We saw several driving around in their little buggies!
I took pictures,
but I hear that's not really appropriate,
so I won't post them.

We did go to a little Amish store though.

They had some beautiful furniture,
but my budget was more along the lines of this

Peach Butter and Salsa.

Can't wait to try it.

The night concluded with dinner at Buca di Beppo,
and a walk along the trail by our apartment.

It was another high stress walk.
Last time,
we saw a snake right away and I was scared the rest of the time.

This time,
we walked a while,
and THEN saw a snake.

Landon and my dad were down by the water,
bc LB wanted to see how cold the water was.

Just as he was about to dip his hand in,
he sees it.

And not just one either,
but I was scared,
 so I just snapped one pic and ran away.

So I'm freaking out again,
and make everyone start walking back to the car.
And then we see ANOTHER one.


I'm officially done with that trail.

More to come....

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