Monday, May 2, 2011

Remember That Time We Went To See Wynona?

So a couple of weeks ago,
I am babysitting,
and get about 5 calls in a row from Landon.
I usually don't like to answer while I'm babysitting,
unless H is asleep,
but I really thought something was wrong.

So I answer,
and ask him what he wants.
He says, "you better answer when I call you that many times, because this is important!"
So I am immediately freaking out.
Then he says, "The boss gave me tickets to Wynona next Thursday, do you wanna go?"

Are you serious?
A. That is not EVEN anything important and
B. I don't think Landon even knows who Wynona is at this point.

Cue "No One Else On Earth" circa 1992 and maybe he will remember.

Honestly, I didn't really want to go.
I mean I used to like Wynona back in the day,
but not so much anymore.

In fact, I kept trying to get us out of it.
But alas, Thursday comes, and we are going.

I do love downtown though,
and I have realllyyy been wanting to go to Heinz Hall,
so I was excited about that part.

Although we were late,
so these are the best pictures I got of the outside.

So we get there,
and as soon as we walk in the door,
I love it.
I love the feel of going to a theater,
and this one was beautiful.

And then we got shown to our fancy seats.

Here's a picture of where we were sitting,
but on the opposite side.

Absolutely NO pictures were allowed inside,
so the few I have don't look so hot,
since I was sneaking them without the flash whenever I could.
Please forgive me.

When we showed up,
I had no idea Wynona was singing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
They were awesome!
They were directed by Marvin Hamlisch,
whom I didn't know,
but he's apparently pretty famous,
and wrote the song "The Way We Were."

The orchestra played for the first half,
and played sweet songs from My Fair Lady,
while ol' Marvin cracked jokes.
At the end of their performance,
right before intermission, Marv played
They Way We Were.
I reallyy liked it.
Like, I want to go back.

But not so much for Wynona.
Yes, she still has an awesome voice,
which was only amplified by the talented orchestra playing behind her,
but she didn't even sing any of her own songs.

I had mixed feelings about it.
100% glad it didn't turn into an 90s country concert,
because I really liked the classy feel of the theater.
And the velvet seats.

And she did do SO good when she sang Aretha Franklin's
At Last.
But I just wasn't prepared for her singing 
other people's songs the whole time like that.

These are blurry,
but that Red Hair and those shiny pants
proves it was her!

Oh well.

It was a surprisingly nice night,
and I am so grateful we were given tickets to go,
because based on the price of them,
we may never get to go again! Ha.

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