Friday, May 20, 2011

Look At Me Plantin' Flowers...

Ok, so technically Landon did all the work.

And the boys did a little too.

But I supervised.
That's the most important job.

Landon wanted to buy the cheap orange pots,
so I agreed if I could spray paint them.
Ya know,
a cute little gray pot
with some chalkboard paint
to let me know just what kind of plant it is.

He flipped out with that suggestion,
saying "the fumes will kill the plants."
I don't really think that's true, 
but it got me some cutie little planters!

And our little pink flowers have officially been
alive and kickin' for 2 weeks!

But they are probably going to die
any day now.
We bought them on a rare sun-shiney day here in PA.
What a tease you are sunshine.


  1. Wow, those look fantastic! The pink color is so vibrant.

    Thanks for commenting on my French breakfast sign. :)


  2. Flowers always brighten a space beautifully. Your doggies are so cute, look at them "helping."


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