Monday, May 9, 2011

A Fabulous Friday.

This past Friday was Fabulous.
Nothing super spectacular happened,
but I loved it.

The day kicked off with seeing Something Borrowed with Gretchen.
I loved it.
And my Coke Icee.
No movie is complete without it.

I was pleased because the movie
 actually stayed pretty true to the book,
which is usually not the case.
And Marcus and Ethan were unexpectedly
Marcus more so if you have ever seen Reba.
You'll see what I mean.

After the movie we hit up our fave thrift store,
where I found the little gray table.
I had only a few things on my list to look for,
and actually came back with one of them.

ugly old coffee table.

Don't worry I did something wonderful with her
Maybe I'll show you tomorrow.

Next up...
Frappy Hour!!

I got my usual Mocha Frap,
though I was tempted by the cheery barista
advertising the Mocha Nut.
Seeing as how I have a few days left
of Frappy Hour,
and seeing as how Gretchen tried it first and
told me it was good,
Mocha Nut will be tried I'm sure.

Who would pass up a frappucino for less than $3??

The day ended with a stop at Anthro.
That store is going to be the death of me.
I love everything in it.
I came back with a couple of presh dresses,
obviously using the excuse that I NEEDED them
for some weddings we have coming up.

This one's on my wish list.

As soon as it goes on sale,
that baby is mine.

I loved this past Friday,
but let's face it,
every Friday is Fabulous!

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