Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Movie Marathon.

We had quite the rainy weekend here in Pittsburgh.
Instead of getting out in it,
we spent our time watching lots of movies.
I LOVE movies,
so this was a perfect weekend to me.

Scream 4 kicked it off.

I loved it.
It was just as good as the original,
and I kid you not,
I was jumping and gasping 10 minutes in.

Friday night, I finally saw

The movie was kind of depressing,
but I really liked the music
and used the last of my iTunes gift card downloading the album.

Landon told me it was "my day"
--not sure why, but I heart when he says stuff like that--
so Saturday afternoon,
he actually watched Black Swan with me.

I really liked it but,
But, Natalie Portman did an awesome job in it,
and I totally understand why she was nominated for so many awards.
Landon totally liked too btw.

was a day of Lifetime movies and
Real Housewives re-runs;
those are the best.
Except for 2 hours when our power was out.
And we spent that time getting what I guess is Pittsburgh's
version of a snow cone.
I miss snow cones.
This is more like an icee, but it was still really good.

Wild Black Cherry!

Tonight, the marathon is continuing with this.

And maybe it could also continue to Friday,
so I can see this?

Did I mention I love movies?

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