Friday, April 15, 2011

This Week's Obsession.

These new flats I have been wearing everywhere.

They are on sale at Gap for $10
right now, so go get some!
You may see me there getting some more colors.

Gold watch I have been lusting over.

I finally bit the bullet and purchased it.
With my allowance.

And it is now living on my nightstand,
waiting for the perfect occasion to be worn.
please excuse yet another empty frame.
i promise i am ordering pictures this weekend!

I finished reading Something Borrowed
and Something Blue a few weeks ago and to my delight

the movie will be out in a few weeks!
Kate Hudson is playing Darcy 
and I LOVE her, 
so hopefully it will be a hit.
And better yet,
I already have plans to see it with Gretchen!

But what is exciting me even more,

Scream 4!
I am up early, 
getting things done,
because I am going to see the first showing in a few hours!
So happy LB got his Friday off today.

I have seriously been waiting for this to come
out for probably a year
and I practically went into convulsions when
I found out there would be no midnight showing last night.
Yes, I need to get a life.

New mug and cute sugar container

which is making this morning's coffee time 
that much more enjoyable.
Am I the only one in love with monogrammed things??
Oh and btw, if you ever happen to be 
over here and Landon offers you a cup of coffee,
you should make sure he doesn't slip flax seed in it.
That's his new obsession for sure.

And last but not least,
to complete the post that looks like all I do is shop
(which is not true, but I'm kind of a sucker for a bargain..)
A horrible picture of a picture
of my fab new glasses.
I have been waiting all week for them
and should be getting a call any minute to go pick them up
and then these eyes are going to love me!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

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