Friday, April 8, 2011

This Week's Obsession.

 Easter Decor!

I really really love to decorate for holidays.

I just don't like to spend on a lot on stuff that stays up only for a few weeks.

Well, this year will be our first year to not be with our families on Easter,
so since I will be cooking the Easter lunch,
I figured I should get some decorations up too.

I bought some springy flowers.

And some cute Easter eggs

And made a springy wreath.

I used a tutorial found here to make the pink flowers.

Just grab a foam wreath, 
hot glue and glue sticks,
 and your color choice of crepe paper.
Tear the crepe paper up into a bunch of long strips, 
and roll up into a flower shape.
Supa' easy.

And don't be scared if your first flower looks like this:
Yikes, I know.

So, just make a bunch of flowers and glue them on your wreath!
That's seriously all you have to do.

I also bought a wooden letter B 
(it's not my favorite, but it was the only choice in the size I needed), 
spray painted it white
and glued on a flower made using a different tutorial found

I then grabbed some white ribbon,
glued it to the B,
and pinned it to the wreath!

This project is blister-inducing, but SO simple.

Make it.

Oh and it's not
 amazing looking in the pictures,
but it looks better in person I promise!

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  1. Cute "springy" wreath! Found you at Tatertots and Jello.


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