Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Strip, Part Deux

Friday morning, started by showing off the Strip.

Remember how I said I wouldn't be back until summer?
I lied apparently.

But compared to the 1.8
it was the last time we were there,
40s with rain/snow was actually not too bad.

As soon as we got there, we seriously went crazy tasting and buying all kinds of foods.
First, we hit up the Public Market.

We sampled (and bought) all kinds of fudge
(I told you I would be back Fudgie Wudgie!)

and nuts

and olive oils and vinegar

and marshmallows
and scoped out the other sweets.

Yes, this was only our first stop.

Parma's was next.
Anyone else curious about what pepper butt is?

Landon's dad loaded us up with meats and my fave pepperoni!
I love pepperoni.
Seriously, I love it.

And this was no grocery store pepperoni.
All skinny and wimpy, leaving a path of greasiness in it's wake.

It was a STICK of pepperoni.
And I've already made a pizza with it.
And perhaps I've also eaten it plain.
Lots of it.

After Parma's, we walked around, snapped some pics,
and tried to stop ourselves from buying everything we laid eyes on.

It was hard.

Landon and I loved Penn Mac when we went to the strip the first time,
so that was next.

Cheese, olives, and bread galore in that place.

I don't even want to talk about how many pieces of cheese we sampled
or how much now lives in our fridge.

As we were walking out of Penn Mac,
there was a little Greek man selling food on the side of the street,
like most people do on the strip.
Now I am usually not one for eating things off the street
when I have no idea where it came from, but y'all, this stuff was good.
He was selling baklava, tiramisu, and more that he and his wife had made.
So, we bought some of that too.
So it goes.

By this time, it was freezing and we were starving
(though I'm not sure why since we had been eating all day).

Penn Brewery it was.

And we had a fantastic view of the Heinz factory from the restaurant.

I even tried Spitzel or something??

It wasn't too bad, but had the weirdest texture that I just can't explain.
But I am loving that we live in a city that actually allows us to try so many things!
Are they cute with their twinkie scarves??

We drove around a little more,

 then it was time to go home and get ready.
For what you ask?
Uhh dinner of course.

I didn't end up taking any pictures,
But we went to dinner with LB's sister's soon to be in-laws.
They live in PA, and are the sweetest people, 
so we obviously had to go eat with them.
The food was good (Italian, my favorite!)
But the dessert was indescribable.
Well that's not true.
It was called a Bomba, and was filled with
chocolate and vanilla gelato, had a hard chocolate shell,
and a cherry in the center.
But really, that doesn't explain just how lovely
the melting gelato tasted as soon as it hit my lips.

Maybe you should come to Pittsburgh and try it?

And if you are smart like me, you will share with a vanilla lover
so you get all the chocolate to yourself.

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