Monday, April 11, 2011

Natural History Museum

I am back with more of our adventures with the in laws!

We spent last Saturday in downtown at the Natural History Museum.

I have been wanting to go here since we first moved to Pittsburgh.
Because I am a dork that loves museums.
And I'm an even bigger dork that loved Jurassic Park,
so I was ecstatic to learn the NHM here in Pittsburgh
is home to the first ever discovered T-Rex.

Quit laughing at me.

It's quite impressive.

Here is a tidbit from the NHM website, 
that practically reeled me in on the spot.

"Called the "home of the dinosaurs" for its famed skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex,
and other extraordinary fossils,
the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is the 
world's third-largest repository of dinosaur fossils.
You'll find more publicly displayed dinosaur skeletons here
 than anywhere in the world.
They're the genuine article, too-actual dinosaur fossils-
unlike most museum dinosaurs which are casts constructed out of plastic and metal."

Aren't you impressed now, too?

Anyway, we spent 4 hours in the museum

and I don't feel like we had time to really finish seeing everything
because it was enormous.

We didn't even get to the art museum that is connected,
but we will save that for another day.

Rocks and Minerals were first.
And beware of the glare on all of these,
museums are tricky to photograph in!

I think it was a dream come true for LB and his dad.

Rocks aren't really my forte,
but I loved the "stratavater".

But I do have to admit, the minerals were stunning.

And I didn't even come close to taking pictures of all of them
They were everywhere.
And while they aren't really my thing,
it's amazing how truly beautiful they are.

The Dinos were next.

First T-Rex!

And I got to touch a bone! Yippee!

Mammoths, birds, and other animals followed.


Loved the Butterflies!

Landon pretending he was "in there with the Zebras"

It was definitely Night at the Museum-ish, with all of the dioramas.
I was ready for them to all come to life.
Oh and they apparently do lock-ins at the museum and you can spend the night!
I would totally do it.

I can't decide if the animals were creepy or not.
I am pretty sure some are real and just stuffed, right?
I felt bad for them.

But, I still am so glad I finally got to experience it.

We briefly ventured into the Egyptian area

 Do these creep you out like they do me?

And Architecture areas before closing time.

From what we read on the pieces, 
some of them are replicas of the original,
but some of them are originals!
That's pretty mind blowing if you ask me, 
that I could be in Pittsburgh, standing next to some ancient
Roman building.

And after seeing the replicas of all of the
Greek gods and goddesses, 
I want to go to Greece more than ever.

We originally had made reservations for dinner Saturday night,
but everyone wanted to get back and watched Butler kill it in the final four.
Even though they crashed and burned in the championship.

In lieu of dinner out,
we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

This was our first real burger since we have lived in PA.
Real as in, made with beef, not chicken.

The burgers were so so juicy and fries were no doubt homemade.

On the way home we passed by one of these random dinos
that are everywhere.
I have seen them scattered through the city, 
and I like to see how many I can spot since each of them are different!

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