Monday, April 25, 2011

Just A Weekend.

Friday we finally saw this.

Not sure if I just had higher hopes for it,
or if it was because I was depressed we weren't seeing
Water for Elephants,
but it wasn't my favorite.
Bradley Cooper needs to stick to The Hangover.

Saturday morning, L made his usual weekend breakfast.
Almost every single weekend, 
he lets me sleep in,
and when I get up, he makes me a cup of coffee,
and lets me sit there and watch him cook it up.

That afternoon, we ran lots of errands,
and then took the pups on a walk.
It was actually nice out!

We walked a longgg way,
but I didn't really enjoy it.
Why you ask?
Oh maybe because about 2 minutes in I spot a HUGE snake.
About 2 feet from us.
And that is about how long the snake was.
So I see it, I freeze, I yell at Landon to get him out of his duck trance,
and then I think, take a picture? Or run?

As soon as it started moving, I started running.
So no picture, and I was pretty much on high alert the rest of the time.

And then I would turn around and look behind us constantly.
Like the snake was going to follow us.

Anyway, after the walk we headed home to get ready for dinner.

Landon surprised me with dinner reservations downtown at Casbah.

It. Was. So. Good.
Ohmygosh I loveddd it.
I tried to get a picture inside, but it was so dang dark.
This is all I could get without blinding everyone with my flash.

Told you it was dark!

For an appetizer,
I had an amazing Arugula and pancetta salad and Landon had some kind of fancy bread.
I could have stopped eating then.
I was stuffed and happy.

But oh I'm so glad I didn't.
I ordered the Red Pepper Caserecchia.
You must get it if you go there.
Perfectly cooked scallops with crab, all over some homemade pasta.

Oh and then as soon as it arrived, I could not NOT take a picture of it.
With the flash.
Sorry old man sitting behind Landon.
I'm sure I blinded you for good now.
So it's not too pretty, but check it out.

I have never had scallops, but I am glad I waited to try them at a place like this.

Sunday we had a fun Easter with some friends!
It was sad not being with our families,
but I am so glad we had friends share it with us!

I will post some pics later of Easter,
because now, some little shrimpies are calling my name
waiting to be cooked up.

But here is a sneak peek..

Get Excited!

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