Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a simple, but so perfect Easter this year.

We started the morning by getting up early and exchanging our Easter baskets.

We do this every year--even when we were just dating--and I love the tradition.
It's never filled with any big thing,
just a few little treats that help make the day even more special.

L got me my favorite candy,a Banana Republic gift card, and more of my favorite flats!
Ahh I was so excited!
And you know I wore a pair that day.

Landon doesn't really do candy,
but he does like Reeses, so I got him a couple,
a new CD, and his favorite.
A card full of Lottery Tickets!
Not sure if that's appropriate for Easter, but if you know him at all,
you know he would rather have this than anything else.
In fact, when we were talking about gifts,
I had already thought about getting him tickets and he said
"No candy this year, just fill up my basket with lottery tickets!"
We know each other too well.

Loved this card I got him!
It said "Here comes weiner-cotton tail" hehe.

The pups also got a new little Easter toy.
But Landon couldn't wait to give it to them,
so they got it Saturday.
And immediately shredded it.
Then it got taken away.
Then Landon gave it back to them Sunday, 
and they shredded it some more.

L and I have been watching 
an awesome sermon on tv lately, 
since we can't seem to find the perfect church for us here yet.
So we actually stayed home 
and watched it instead of going to church, 
which is unusual for us on Easter,
 but worked out well
 since I needed to finish up cooking before lunch.

We had another couple come over to celebrate,
since going home for the weekend was definitely not practical.

Gretchen and I both made the ham
/poured a glazed on and put it in the oven
and each made a few sides--
I made mashed potatoes, apple pie, fruit salad, and Christian salad.
Get ready for the CSalad recipe!
It's a must for all holidays.

And Gretchen even brought us some pretty flowers!
I loveee flowers, so I was so excited about them.

While we waited on the ham to cook,
we snacked on the devilled eggs Gretchen brought.
They were seriously almost gone in just a few minutes.
Because they were good, and for another reason.

Well, there were 4 left on the tray, sitting on the ottoman in the living room.
Mistake #1.
Then Gretchen and I got up to check the ham and left the dogs with the guys.
Mistake #2.
Because the boys then decide to get up and go out on the balcony.
Gretchen and I were so enthralled with the ham,
 that we didn't even notice they were gone.
So, of course they come back in and see that some little doggy had some eggs.

This was all that was left.
Check out Trig's little teeth marks.

I felt terrible.
Like, I was really embarassed.
These dogs need to go to obedience school.
But they hadn't jumped ONCE for them the entire time,
so I didn't even think about it.

Oh well,
I cut off the teeth marks and ate one anyway.

I semi-set our little mini table.
Nothing fancy!

And lunch ended up being so so good.

After we ate,
we dyed eggs!

This is my absolute FAVE.

I don't know why, but I always have to dye eggs on Easter.

And L was getting IN to it too!
It was hilarious.
He was such a little kid with the colors.
Couldn't dip his egg in just ONE and couldn't leave it in the cup
without checking the color every 10 seconds.

And he for sure did the pink one!
We didn't dye too many,
because I don't want to be eating hard boiled eggs for days.

We watched movies after the eggs were finally done,
and then took an annual Easter pic.
This one's for you mom.
Love this tree in front of our apartment!

I have on my new flats from the man.
Dontcha think the purple is perfect for Easter?
Oh, and please excuse my tights and the weird way I am standing.
I was cold, and I live in the tights on the weekends anyway.

I'm sad I didn't get a picture with Gretchen,
but so thankful that we had such a blessed day and first married Easter together!

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  1. Love it! I am going to find the picture of you dying Easter eggs----it's always been one of your favorite things to do and your Dad was always so patient in doing that with you and Paige! Love you! Thanks for the picture!


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