Monday, April 4, 2011


In all honesty, I have never ever gotten into the whole March Madness thing.
This year I watched less than a handful of games
and I know if I had attempted to make a bracket it would be based off pure guess.

So I obviously would have sucked it up.
But realistically and because this fact makes me feel better about myself, I have never heard of anyone that I knew to do well in the MM bracket game.

But the Husband of Yours Truly made a bracket this year.
And I want to brag on him.
So check it out.

This was his rank as of Saturday night after the Butler game.

I am dang impressed.
You should be too.
He told me he "should have bet like 5 or 20 dollars" on his bracket.
5 or 20?
He's hilarious.

Ok, bragging over.
But really, this is pretty amazing if you ask me.
If only he had bet the 5 or 20 dollars on it.

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