Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Arrival

In order to not totally bore you 
and because I have hundreds of pictures I want to share,
I am going to split up the five days LB's parents were here.
Or try to.
Here goes...

The In-Laws arrived Wednesday night 
and after they got checked into their hotel,
they came over.
We may have eaten some of the Peanut Butter Chip Cookies 
I had made just for them.

After a quick tour of the apt and the hellos were said,
 we decided to get dinner.
Of course we had to go to Primanti Brothers.

I think this will always be the first place we take visitors.
Landon and I went on our first trip to PA 
and we took our moms and Granny
on our first full day in The PA.

So this was no exception.
And on the way, we got to show off LB's office

go under this (ha) and

 enjoy a fabulous nighttime view of downtown Pittsburgh
 as we made our way out of the tunnel.
But of course I have no good picture for you
because it was fog city that night.

At Primanti Brother's,
Landon's momma and I shared this.

It's giant and yummy and topped with the best coleslaw and homemade fries.

We walked around after dinner for about half a second 
and snapped exactly 2 pictures, since it is still negative 2 here.

Thursday was low-key. 
Landon had to work half a day, 
so we decided that we would just hit up Giant Eagle.

Landon loves the grocery store btw.
It's his absolute favorite place to go.

He doesn't even like me to go during the week when he's at work.

Thursday morning he was freaking out,
thinking that we were going to go without him while he was at work.
Oh my.
Dramatic much.

We did NOT go without Landon,
and ended up spending at least 2 hours in GE.
The place is huge and is really is something to see if you are a foodie
 because they literally have it all.
Except Blue Bell and Julios hot sauce.
But I won't go there.

We even ate lunch at GE.
Hilarious, I know but my buffalo chicken wrap was YUM.

Once we were finally finished, we took home our loot (thank you Jorja!)
 and decided we wanted to just drive around the city.

The bridges, churches, and schools are all so amazingly beautiful in downtown.

We made a pit stop in downtown and grabbed a coffee.

Delicious mocha.

And so close to where I babysit.
I may or may not be spending a portion of my earnings here, 
as often as possible.

I am pretty sure we spent the majority of our days eating,
at the grocery store,
or just buying food anywhere we could.

Oh well, the fridge is full and I now know where to get the best
cinnamon rolls (GE bakery) and Baklava (little Greek man outside Penn Mac).
and I never indulge as much as I do when I am "on vacation" so it was well worth it.

Trader Joe's was next.
Grocery store number 2, in case you lost count.

We filled our basket once again.
Maybe with hash browns, creme brule, and cannoli.

Ahh love it.

Afterwards, we drove around a little more, went home and ordered pizza,
and decided to call it a night to get ready for the next day!

Eating sure makes you tired, you know.

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