Friday, March 4, 2011

This Week's Obsession.

This week, we all know I've been obsessed with my guest room makeover.
Well, yesterday I obsessed a little more and changed the little life of my hand me down nightstand.

Here it is before...
And after!
Not sure why it's crooked and fuzzy, but you get the picture!

It looks a little blueish in this picture, but this is more what it really looks like..

This nightstand was first refinished by my dad and sat by his bed in college.
I am pretty sure it then got passed along to my aunt for a little while.
Then finally made it to Landon's room in college.
And now it's in my soon to be fabulous guest room!

Like I said, I have been wanting to paint it, but it's been freezing here.
So yesterday, I got up, drank my coffee, watched my DVR'ed Top Chef and waited for it to hit 50 degrees.
And waited.
And waited.
And then it was only 10 am.
And I couldn't wait any longer.
So I bundled up in my puffy coat and little knitted gloves and proceeded on to not follow any proper painting rules.
Like waiting until it's 50 degrees out so the paint will dry.
Instead I waited until it was 38.
And then I didn't sand it. 
Or prime it.
Or polyurethane it.
I just started painting.
And it's probably the wrong kind of paint.
I just picked it for the color.
Mom and Dad are probably cringing right now.
It started out looking baby blue.
And I was mad.
But now it's more gray so don't worry it's all ok now.
Check out how long the handles have obviously been on this thing.
No good.
 I wanted to paint a few coats on and then sand it to give it a more distressed look, but I of course didn't have any sand paper, so I instead just painted one coat to let some of the original wood grain poke through.

The pups got a prime painting view as they shivered in the doorway.

Once I had finished painting it, I left it outside to dry.
Let me remind you I started painting at 10 a.m. and it wasn't finished drying until
8 p.m.
Oh well.
So this morning I am looking it over, and I decide something is missing.
So I grab a few pieces of scrapbook paper and
and stick the paper on the bottom.
And I like it!
So much better.
 I ended up leaving the same handles on, because I liked the white 
and there wasn't really anything wrong them.
So thanks dad for having awesome 80's handle style 
that is now 2011 perfection.

So far this is all that is in here, but it's coming together nicely!


  1. Love the grey. Great choice in color! The room looks great!

  2. Great job! I always struggle to follow the instructions on the can exactly too :-)

  3. LOVE the color! great job!

    ps - as a huge pittsburgh sports fan, i hope you are learning to love the burgh! :)

  4. Oh I love that color! It is the perfect shade of gray! Great job!


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