Monday, March 7, 2011

Pics from the Weekend & Reese's Wanna-be's

Here are some highlights of this weekend--
Friday, Landon wanted to go the Casino.
I did not get roped into it this time though.
Instead I stayed home and made these.
Thank you LMM.
The gray is my fave.
I got blisters, but I wasn't the only one.
That is hot glue on the back of my dog's neck.
What kind of dog parent am I?
But when the glue gun fell on him, he didn't even move.
No flinching.
No yelping.
I admit, it made me feel a little bit better.

Saturday, I fulfilled one of my dreams of seeing 2 movies in one day.
I aim high don't I?
Dumbest movie of all time.

And then,
This totally made up for the horrible movie we saw first.

Doesn't this make you feel bad?
They kept peeking through the blinds 
(probably dreaming of frolicking through the grass)
so I finally gave in and put a blanket over the chair
so they could sit on the top and 
enjoy themselves.
But seriously.
It was freezing out.
Don't let the sunshine fool you.
Because my lazy self left the paintbrush out after
painting my nightstand and this is what I woke up to the next day.

We finished off the weekend gorging ourselves on these
chocolate treats that have no name 
because I stole idea/ingredients from a Halloween recipe.
So to me they are now called

Reese's Wanna-Be's
1 1/2 c creamy peanut butter
1/2 c butter
2 1/2 c powdered sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
Baker's chocolate

Mix butters, sugar, and vanilla.
Chill for 30 minutes.
Roll into balls.
Microwave chocolate.
Dip each ball in the chocolate and let harden.

So I went to the fridge this morning, fully prepared to take out the goodies and take a cute little pic to show y'all.
Um, these were all that were left.
That's all.
I made probably 3 dozen.
Last night Landon kept sneaking off to the fridge and grabbing a few
and then telling me he only had 3 about 10 different times, but I thought he was kidding.
This was the guy who used to never eat sweets.
And now, he is passing me up.
So sorry, this is the only pic you get.
Please ignore the little teeth marks and focus on the yummy PB filling inside.

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  1. I believe they are called Buckeyes :) They are seen at the Harcar house around Christmas...I will need to start making those delicious PB/chocolate balls!!


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