Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello Tuesday.
Not much went on around the Berg house this weekend.
We spent our time cleaning and hanging out with new friends.
I can't remember the last time I stayed up so late just talking!

Yesterday, although I don't actually start my little job until next week, 
I went to hang out with Baby H again for the day.
That little boy is too cute and SO good.
He slept practically all day while I watched Top Chef re-runs.
I am eagerly awaiting the finale Wednesday! 
When his momma came home from her errands, 
she took me to grab a coffee and drove me to a cute shopping area by her house.
You know, "in case you want to go shopping, or just get out of the house."
With her 10 week old.
Hello Best Job Ever.

How about Hello Love.

My new chair for the boudoir.
Although I am now more aware of our bare walls than ever.
But now, I can now say Goodbye.
To this.

My favorite has to be
Hello Pretty.
Do flowers make you as happy as me?
I luff them.

Now I am off to Panera with a friend
Hello Yummy.

Then back home to clean some more.
Why clean more you ask?

Because we are having visitors tomorrow!!
LB's parents are venturing out to the PA to see us.

Hello Excited.

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