Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bringin' Back the Fruit Pizza.

Ahh, fruit pizza.
I acquired this recipe when I took my very first cooking class.
The class was an easy little kids class and all we made was pizza.
Breakfast pizza.
Pizza Pizza.
And Fruit Pizza.
As soon as I first tasted it, I loved it.
The instructors sent us home with our very own recipe, and ever since
I made it for most of our family get-togethers.
I hadn't made it in a few years, instead opting for the more mature apple pie.
But as soon as I spotted the ripe, red strawberries on Sunday, I knew what I was making.

Fruit Pizza
1 8oz. pkg cream cheese, softened
1 c powdered sugar
1 roll of premade sugar cookie dough
fruit of your choice

Form cookie dough in shape of 1 large cookie.
Bake as directed on pkg.
While cookie is in the oven, mix powdered sugar and cream cheese to make a frosting.
Once cookie is done, let it cool, top with icing, and fruit.

Soft fruits usually work best, kiwi and strawberry are my favorite.
Grapes and bananas work too!
I used to spend practically 30 minutes making the fruit look perfect, but this time throwing it on there worked for me!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, fruit pizza! I forgot about this little joy. Definitely going to be making a gluten free version of this soon :)


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