Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Page Wreath

So I call my mom today to ask her a question and she says, "Lauren you haven't blogged in a while!"
Well, I only missed one day.
Sorry mom.

On Monday, my mom called and told me she had booked flights to come visit us in May, 
and I immediately wanted to get started prettying up the guest room.
Since we moved in, it has been a room full of cast offs that have no place to go.
This weekend my fave LB cleaned it ALL out for me.
We can have a real guest room.
And I know they won't be here until May, but once I get started on a project, I CAN NOT stop until it's finished.
I get a little obsessed.

I have been thinking about how I would decorate the room for a while, 
and I finally found inspiration here.

I already had this comforter from college.

And I had the yellow pillow from when I was shopping at Target a few weeks ago.
I wasn't sure why I got it at the time, I was just lusting over it.
Because I have this thing for pillows.
I love them.
I buy tons.
And then don't know what to do with them.
But this time, it worked for me.

So on to where I was yesterday..
since I know everyone missed me.

I needed something to put on the walls and so I again referred to 
Holly Mathis.
I have seen the book page wreath tutorials everywhere
and it's even sold on Etsy.
So ever since I made this wreath
to go over my desk about 2 months ago, 
I have been wanting to make the book page wreath.
But I got intimidated.
And didn't know where I would put it if I did make it.
Well, enter the guest room's bare walls.
Perfect place for it.

So yesterday I pulled up the tutorial found here
and got to work.
And it took FOREVER.
As in hours.
My legs are sore and my fingers are full of blisters.
But here it is..

And I am 

The blisters were worth it.
And although, I need to fill in a few more spots, 
I like the start to this guest room.

I am hoping the weather is nice tomorrow,
so I can get started on making over this sad little nightstand.
I have had the paint for weeks, but it's been snowing and freezing.
My fingers are itching to get at it!

Lastly, here is something else that kept me busy yesterday.
Before I started the wreath, I wanted to finish up decorating the top of our 
LR bookcase.

Remember the book I "antiqued'?
Well I picked up 2 more for 50 cents each, and tied them together.
And then I made these..
little puffs?
I don't know what they are called, but aren't they cute?
Thank you House of Smith's.
I still need to paint the blue candlestick.
It was only $4 so I settled for it, but our LR is more reds than blues.
So here it is...
It's still missing something, but I kind of like the puffs!

Oh and just because I know so many of you are curious, 
here is a pic of my magnets in action.


  1. It turned out great. The wreath looks beautiful over the bed. I love the pillow too! Great work!

  2. That wreath is SO pretty- looks great over the bed! Love the colors of the room together :) We would ♥ for you to show this off at our link party!

    Lolly Jane

  3. Beautiful! I have seen a lot of book page wreaths but yours may be my favorite :)

  4. Hi, Lauren! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)


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