Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend Landon and I went to one of our favorite places..
The Zoo!

Who knew Pittsburgh had such a fabulous zoo.
It boasts over 400 species, 22 of them endangered.
It's safe to say I took quite a few pictures.
Over 300!
I won't post all, but I do have a lot of favorites, so get ready!

This was by far the tallest escalator I have ever ridden on.
Kind of scary looking down.

 Oh my. I was cold.

Landon was loving reading all the little facts about every animal.

Since it was so cold, many of the animals were either off of "display" or were put inside.
Nice view huh??;)

 This Orangutan was tearing himself up some Terrible Towel!
He would take the towel, tear it up, and tie it in knots.
Then he grabbed a giant Steeler's flag and put it over his head, ran around, and swung from the ropes.

 My what long legs I have.

 So, we were eating lunch here and what do we see run by...

 So we jump up, take a picture through the window and continue our meal.
It started raining so we tried to wait it out as long as possible.
After a while we decided to venture back out and what happens to run by...

Another one!
Then Landon asks me, "Do you think they are from the zoo? I mean they could be wild peacocks that just flew in."
Dead serious.
Sorry LB but what are the chances of wild peacocks flying into a zoo??
Silly boy.

 I love how my face is covered in every picture of me. Ha. Oops.

 Yes, this is a seahorse!

Snake-neck turtle.

 They had each continent set up like this with different fish in each of them.

 These were my favorite!

 Penguins with their Terrible Towel...

 And lionfish with their Steelers helmet!

 Aren't these fish beautiful!
When I think of fish, usually a plain goldfish comes to mind.
But I would have a huge fish tank if I had some of these beauties swimming around in it!

 Ok, I got a little crazy with the sting rays.
But I thought they were just blue-gray.
Um NO.
They are leopard print!!!

You could even go through a little tunnel under the tank they were held in and touch them!

How cute is he??

Trigger and Gunner.. I mean.. Polar Bears:)

 Reminiscing about the Bahamas.

A cute little mini donkey from the kiddies petting zoo!

Ok, I am going to warn you now.
CLOSE YOUR EYES if you don't like creepy crawlers.

So gross.
But I had to take a picture.
God made some crazy creatures didn't he?

This was interesting...

You go into a really dark cave-like room with tons of signs saying do NOT use your camera flash.
Maybe because if you do they will break out and attack?
I don't know.
But these bats like them some fruit!

So now let's end on a happier note..


I hope y'all are still here!
I totally underestimated how many pictures I was posting.
Anddd I didn't even show you all of the animals and lots were out for the winter.
Told you it was fabulous!

If you are ever in town, please go!
If it's summer-time, you will probably see us:))

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