Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Happenings...

Thanks to LB's day off, we crammed a lot into our weekend!

Friday, we bit the bullet and finally got our PA driver's license.
I'm kind of depressed they punched a hole through my TX license.

And it took us all day, but I finally changed my name and am officially a BERG!

We also got to enjoy some awesome views of our new town's downtown.
But, I FORGOT to take pictures.
Here's one courtesy of the web...

Once we were done, we grabbed Panera and headed home...

where we leashed up the pups and went on a little walk on the trail that runs right by our place.
It is apparently 60+ miles long.
We went maybe 1. Ha.

A river runs right by parts of the trail and guess what we saw...
A beaver!

That night we had dinner with LB's coworker and wife at a MEXICAN restaurant.
I was nervous at first, but that hot sauce was delish!
At least we have one Mexican place to eat at.

Saturday was filled with cleaning, the grocery store, and...
 Bath Time!

Followed by a trip to...

Yes folks, we live in a town full of casinos.
Not good for us.
Not that I gamble, I don't like to at all.
But LB does.

So he and some of his coworkers went, while one of the wives and I headed to the outlet mall that is right across the street.
I came back with this cutie!
We stayed almost until closing, then went back to the casino, played a slot (and lost of course), and then just waited until the boys were done.

I took exactly one picture, because it was FREEZING outside and because this was one happening place on a Saturday night.

We had to park on a huge hill and the tiny lights wayyy off in the background is the casino!
I promise this place is bigger than it looks from this view.
After the long walk there, I just wanted to be inside so this is all I've got for ya!

The guys were there for about 4 hours and Landon came out ahead so that's all I care about.
I hateee losing money to gambling.

Sunday, was more cleaning and trying to get this place organized.
And maybe some Lifetime movies.
Like all day, Lifetime movies, with only a break to pick up Panera again.

Oh how I love weekends!

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