Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Day

LB and I had quite the relaxing Valentine's Day.
We had originally planned to celebrate Sunday, but honestly, it just didn't have that VDay feel.

Monday I was going to get a pedicure, courtesy of the man, and go shop for some more decor for our little home, but thanks to the million mile an hour winds I..
stayed home and enjoyed these while watching movies.

And made Landon some of his favorite..

While I waited on these..
Valentine's Day is the only day I really love to get roses and these were beautiful!

Once Landon got home, we headed to dinner.
Since we both love Italian, this was the perfect place.
I am pretty sure we ate at the same place in Austin a few years ago with Landon and his sisters after a $200 bowling game. What a difference a few years makes!
The food was delicious and we will be eating there often.

yummy Italian margarita!

My handsome date!
 And yes HE picked out his shirt. I did not force him to wear red, he totally volunteered!

And let's not forget my puppy loves, who kept me company all day!

Thank you Landon for a wonderful day! 
I am so thankful that you work so hard for us so that I am able to stay home and hang out while I get used to a new city and try to figure out my school plan. 
I hope we never get too old for Valentine's day!
Love You!

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