Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend was boring.
We didn't do anything exciting or fun.
We ran errands and lazed.
But, I like to laze.

I am not even going to spend too much time giving you a glimpse, because pork chops are cooking.
And I'm doing this.
And I was trying to rush to beat the Bachelor.
 Not happening.

Don't get too excited, but here goes...
Landon brought me home boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies on Friday after work AND Saturday after he ran out to do a few errands.
Me like.

We had a little Coldstone Date.
That would be cheesecake deliciousness pictured above.

Pups played.

And howled.
We enjoyed some homemade Tortilla Soup.
Although this picture does not look so good, it was yum.

I did a little craftin'.
(And got the supplies for my pillows! Maybe I will tackle them tomorrow.)

I made some easy little magnets for our bare fridge.

I picked up these coasters a Pier 1 a few weeks ago, mainly because they were $3, not because I really liked them.

So I decided to Mod Podge some new ones using these as the base.
 I made 4 total, 2 of each.
And I know they don't match.
But it's the only paper I had.
 It serves the purpose!

 And lastly I antiqued a new book I had already read, and knew I never would again.
And I love it!
In fact, I got so excited I ran out to grab some cheap books to do a few more.
But instead came back with these old, but new to me classics.

And we ended the weekend watching the awkward hosting of the Oscars.

It wasn't exciting, but it's no secret I love low key weekends.
It gave us a chance to get so many errands run and take all of the stuff we can NOT fit into this place to the storage unit.
Hopefully next weekend will be filled with fun times!

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