Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

The Berg's had another low key weekend here in PA.
We are loving that the snow gives us an excuse to do nothing. :)

Before I get to the weekend, I am going to show you oh few but faithful readers, what I got at TJ Maxx on Friday morning.

The yellow was a gift from my MIL from Anthropologie.
And the gray I found at TJ Maxx for $16!
Same brand, same material, same style.
Aren't they both presh??
I love that store.

And I have been looking for one of these for forever..
and I should have known I would find it at TJ M.
I am not sure yet where I will put it, but I love it! (And Lick wanted to show y'all his cute face I guess, because he was posing for that pic.)

Ok, on to the weekend...
Friday night consisted of heading to my least favorite store ever. 
I dreaddd going to this store everytime I have to.
But this time I came away with a bookcase!
It was only $99, but def doesn't look like it.
 After WM, we picked up Chili's and headed home.(We had to drive 30 minutes there and 30 back just to get to it! I guess this really isn't Texas, since there isn't one on every corner.) 

Once we were home LB VOLUNTEERED to set up my bookcase!
I didn't even want to ask him since he had just worked all day, but his sweet self just started working on it.

And these 2 had fun helping playing with him.
It took them 5 minutes to figure out how to get around to LB on the other side. 
Crazy pups.
This is where Trig sat the rest of the time.
Yes, that is my little tub I put blankets in.
It's not like he doesn't have his own bed! I promise he does!

Here is the finished product!
It needs to be filled up a little more, but for now it looks ok.

 (I semi-made the B, by buying a plain wooden letter and some scrapbook paper that I liked, tracing the letter onto the paper, cutting it out, and gluing it on!)

 The next picture looks a little crazy and kind of makes the bookcase look larger at the top than the bottom, but it's obviously not!!
Thanks hub! You do good work.

Saturday, we lazed around most of the day.
Started out the morning with some yum chicken minis from Chic-fil-a and watched movies.
Later, we went to the grocery store like usual and grabbed some more movies.
I finally saw the Social Network!
I enjoyed it and Landon surprisingly did too.
If only I had been the one to invent Facebook.
But I do good just to upload pictures onto the computer. :)

Sunday, we just wanted to go to Settler's Ridge, run a few errands, and enjoy the day, before Landon went back to work today.
We started out getting Landon a haircut at Sport Clips. Ha.
I waited while him and 10 other little boys got haircuts.
I was just sitting there, putting on some of this awesome lotion
when I noticed..

See the little BLACK area on my wedding band????
One of my diamonds somehow fell out!!
I almost lost it in my little fake stadium seat.
I seriously almost started crying.
I have no idea how it happened, but until it gets fixed, it is sitting in the safe.

After I quit freaking out a little bit, we walked through the shopping center to one of my FAVORITE stores.
Barnes and Noble!
And picked up these
It seems like everyone is doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Planning, so Landon suggested we jump on the bandwagon.
We are supposed to have a really bad storm tonight, so I plan on starting it tmrw while I am snuggled up on the couch!

Next we walked over to Panera Bread and ate some hot tomato soup by the fire.
Perfect day.

We concluded our little outing with a trip to the mall, anxious to use up some of our Christmas giftcards.
Y'all remember this skirt..?
 Well I walked into Gap, just to look around, and guess what I found in black?

And want to see what's even better than that??
I know it is crooked, but can you believe it???
Of course that would happen to me after I just ordered it online.
But you want to see what happened when I got to the checkout...
For a skirt?? 
Are you serious???
And you want to know something I totally forgot about??
NO SALES TAX on clothes in PA!
How awesome is that.

Now, we are once again enjoying Chic-fil-a and waiting on the bachelor to start!
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend and Happy Monday!

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  1. Okay, first of all go shopping for me girl. Wow! I cannot believe you find such good deals. I wish I had time to bargain hunt, one day! Yes, read Dave's Financial Peace. We listened to the Cd's. It has drastically changed how we spend/save money and pay off debts. Miss you!


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