Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

 I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Ours was relaxing for the most part. (The batteries in my camera were dead and we didn't get new ones until Saturday night, so not many pictures. Tear.)

Friday night was spent devouring yummy chipotle (my favorite!) and watching movies with Landon's new co-worker-Adam-and his wife-Michelle. 
They are super sweet and I hope to spend many more weekends with them! Oh, and Adam fixed my computer! I have been using Landon's laptop since it takes double the time to download pictures to the computer and then transfer them to my Ipad. The only problem now is that I can NOT for the life of me remember the password to log on. 


Oh well, I'll figure it out sometime:)

Saturday we went to Giant Eagle. It's probably the best grocery store I have EVER been to. So many choices. I already know we are going to spend way to much money there considering Landon LOVES the grocery store.
After the grocery store, I whipped up some delish guacamole and we went over to watch the Steelers game (they won, but I won't pretend like I care because I am still a Cowboy fan) with another couple--Josh & Jessica. Jessica made enchiladas, which were so good, but made me miss Texas and Mexican food.

Sunday, we tried to sleep in. Didn't make it past 8:30. We haven't found a church here yet (I plan on looking this week for a place to try out!), so we actually didn't have anywhere to go. So since we were up, I made pancakes. 
Some for us..And 2 little mini cakes for the Trig and the Lick.
They were gone in about a milisecond.

The rest of Sunday was spent watching 
 (not sure how I feel about it, it was a little out there for me.)

And in the minor emergency clinic. Landon has been having stomach pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing for a week now, so we decided it was time to go. 1 hour and 3 prescriptions later, we still aren't 100% what is wrong, but LB has another appointment on Friday with a gastro doctor.
After strict orders to eat pasta, rice, and bananas, we picked up Olive Garden and settled in to watch our my Sunday shows.

I love Sundays.

Now, to get in the Valentine's spirit I am eating this

and watching this

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Valentine's Day?

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