Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week I'm Obsessed With..

I have decided that every week I want to try to share some of the things that I am loving at the moment. Some will be things that I have and love, some could be people that I am loving, and some will be simply wishes! 

So here are some of my recent obsessions:  
Anthropologie edition.

(winking wisecracker jar--$68)

(sip-of-nectar mug--$12)

(tweeting tea party dishtowel--$24)

(place-setting hook rack--$40)

(Elysse skimmers--$118)

(apothecary skirt--$128)

 (cavorting flora blouse--$98)

(ink sketched glasses pouch--$24)

(pave posts--$24)

(letter o' mine coin purse--now on sale! $14.95)

I love everything Anthro and could go on and on. The mug was a gift from my momma and it is even cuter in person than the picture suggests. My sweet MIL put the little coin purse in my stocking and it is oh so cute! I had actually been thinking of ordering it for myself and then totally forgot about it. Santa came through for me I guess!

Everything else is perfectly precious, but honestly I don't really need anything. 

...Then again, Valentine's Day IS just around the corner. Are you reading this LB??

heart you valentine:)

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