Monday, January 24, 2011

The Strip

This Saturday, Landon and I ventured downtown to the Strip.
As you can see it was verryyy warm out! NOT. 
And yes that is 1.8. (the 72.3 is how warm it was inside!)

The Strip District is pretty much 2 parallel streets in downtown Pittsburgh with little markets and shops that are open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We started off by just walking around, snapping pictures, and taking everything in before we went into any stores.
(We didn't want to have to carry a bunch of stuff around in the cold!)

The streets were jam packed full of cars, people, and tons of Steelers gear.

The pictures don't really do justice. I was rushing with every one of them, because there were so many people speed walking around, coming at you in all directions.
PLUS, my camera died after only a few pictures.
I got a few pics, and then it would die, and then work again for a couple of pictures and then it died for good!
So I am posting what I have.

I need some help here.
I just put in new batteries last Saturday, so I am not sure what's going on. 
Any advice??
Is there some kind of special batteries I should buy?

Anyway, our first stop was the Pittsburgh Public Market.

It was basically a big open room where stores come and set up shop on the weekends.

The Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory was my favorite!

They had SO many different flavors of marshmallows.
We got coconut, vanilla, ginger, bananas foster, and honey.
We passed on the Scotch Whiskey and Beer flavored. Yuck.

Landon, who makes friends with everyone, of course made a friend with the man working at the Marshmallow factory. It somehow came up that we had just moved here and so the man said he would throw this in as a welcome to Pittsburgh.

I'm not sure if I'll eat it, but it sure was nice of him! 

Next we walked over to the Fudgie Wudgie shop.
Yes, the name is Fudgie Wudgie.
But look at all those different flavors!
We didn't buy any though, since we had just loaded up on marshmallows.
Next time Fudgie, next time.

And, you know we would never leave out the pups.
They got something too.
From Four Paws Barkery!

The red and green are peppermint treats and the yellowish is pizza!
They love them.
And Landon tried them for some reason and said they taste pretty good.
(Don't be grossed out. The owner personally makes the treats and uses only wheat flour and flavoring.)

Next, we headed over to Penn. Mac. Co.
I didn't get any pictures inside, since my camera had already died at this point and this picture was taken when we had just started our journey.
This place had the most delicious homemade breads, cheeses, olives, and meats.
We spent about $30 on cheese!
But it was worth it.
The stuff melts in your mouth.
I also got some blue cheese olives. YUM.
And apple rings!

Our last stop was Parma's where we picked up some breakfast sausage.
Landon's dad said it was supposed to be really good, so we thought we'd try it out.

We were frozen by the time we finished up with Parma's, so we headed back to the car and made our way home.

This was the last picture we could sneak in before the camera was dunzo. 
Yes, I know I look similar to the Michelin man with those arms, but I was layered up! And yes for some reason I am still smiling even though my face is covered. Hence the chubbier than usual cheeks:)

Strip, you were fun, but next time we come visit will be in the summer. And I WILL pack extra batteries this time.

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