Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Finally finally finally after 3-4 weeks of waiting, 2 beautiful things happened today!

1. We have DVR!
We had it in Texas and decided we could live without it to save some money.
Well, we realized we were getting ripped off by the cable company and were paying a TON for basic channels and no DVR. Plus, I had really gotten used to recording all of my shows and it was KILLING me to miss some.
So we switched:)
Now we have more channels, DVR in 2 rooms, and are paying less!!

The only downside would be that the installation guy was too stubborn to take my help on moving the dresser in our room when I offered it. Well, this wouldn't be a problem except that I know how heavy the dresser is and he didn't so this is what he ended up doing to it.
Don't even know how someone manages to do something like this.
In fact, if I didn't see it happen, I would have thought it happened while we were moving.
And despite the fact that when it happened all he said was "oh", he was nice enough the rest of the time and it was worth it.
It was a hard 3 weeks without DVR!
(Plus, I'm sure superglue will just fix that right up, won't it???)

2. We FINALLY got our debit cards in the mail!
We have been debit card-less since we moved here, since we regrettably had to switch banks once we moved out of state.
Can anyone believe there is no Chase Bank in PA? 
Only weird Pennsylvania banks.
That are TERRIBLE apparently since they lost our first cards, had to order new ones, and we just NOW got them.

But, that's ok because now this beauty is coming my way and will be here in 3-5 days:)
Isn't she precious?? And, because we haven't had our debit cards for such a long time and I had to wait to order it, it is now on sale for $24.99 at Gap instead of $59! So YOU should get one too!

I also was FINALLY able to order some cute little Valentine's cards for us, so get ready, because you just might get one!

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