Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Beginning & Welcoming 2011

 I am finally going to bite the bullet and start a blog. I have been thinking about it for a while, thinking I would do a blog solely devoted to recipes and cooking. But, I changed my mind:) As Landon and I begin a new chapter of our lives I have decided to do a blog encompassing everything from cooking to our day to day, mundane lives. What a wonderful way to document our marriage and keep our family in touch.

Ok, now let's review 2010. So many people are doing this and I love the idea. (Sorry this post is 10 days late, but come on, i am still having to steal someone else's wireless.) Landon and I have had quite the busy 2010. I will try and hit the high points.

january both of us began our last semester of college! 
february-april was honestly not to exciting. Blame it on physiology and constant studying.
in may, we got engaged :) Yay! and both graduated from Texas A&M University.  
may-september included wedding planning, birthdays, new jobs, new apartment, and wedding showers.
october, we made our trek to the hill country for our wedding and then to the beautiful Bahamas!
november brought thanksgiving and yummy apple pie.
december was a life changing month; Christmas, job offers, a decision to move to Pittsburgh before even visiting the place, our first visit to PA, and moving into a new apartment after a long, exhausting 3 day drive.

I told you it was a busy year! I never thought I would live anywhere outside of Texas and in our first 3 months of marriage I was proven wrong. Here's to hoping PA welcomes us with open arms in 2011:)

Now, on to our move to PA
My mother, grandmother, and Landon's mother accompanied us our journey. We couldn't have done it without them. We drove through 6 states in 2.5 days and I was never so happy to be out of a car.
       (yes, this picture was before we started our drive, hence Laney. and the smiles:) ha i kid. sort of..)

Landon's mom stayed for a day and while she was here we took her, my mom, and Granny to Primanti Brother's. We ate there on our first visit to PA under the request of Landon's dad. SO good. Each sandwich is topped with coleslaw, tomatoes, and french fries. I definitely recommend visiting the place if you are ever in PA. 

L's mom left the next day. Sad. 
So Landon, momma, Granny, and I were left to ring in the New Year. Since we had been unpacking and were unbelievably tired, we sat home, watched movies, and sipped on some champagne. It was perfect.

New Year's day we had the traditional black eyed peas with dinner, but also embraced a new tradition. A Pittsburgh tradition. Apparently everyone here eats sauerkraut and has a New Year's pretzel on New Year's day. We skipped the sauerkraut, but who would pass this up?? 

The rest of their visit was filled with more unpacking, shopping, going to the grocery store practically everyday, seeing covered bridges and the amish. So sad to see them go, but I know this is the best place for Landon and I to be at this point in our life.

We will miss you Texas, but don't worry, you hold a special place in our hearts!


  1. Lauren - how very exciting for you guys. What a fun adventure you will have as you start out your life together. Jay grew up near Pittsburgh and loves that part of the country. Congrats! Love, Dayne

  2. Hi Lauren & Landon! I love your blog, it's a wonderful way to see how you are both doing. I miss you both so much! Give Lando a big hug for me!
    Randy and Erin are married now! Erin's son, Jake, is thrilled that they are living at the cabin (a Jone's family place near Hwy 21). It
    s a beautiful place that is barely outside Hwy 6, but feels completely isolated and in the country. Randy takes Jake for walks and the three of them are fun to watch.
    Jennifer has started a new job working with a travel agency that specializes in Asian travel. I think she is enjoying the renewed contact with Japan. Jose is still at his same job in Longmont, 20 miles from Boulder. They came in for Randy's wedding, but I miss them already!

    Love you both, and may God bless!


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